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Tukiendorf Training Institute CNA Program

The Tukiendorf Training Institute presents a comprehensive Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program designed to provide students with the essential skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career in healthcare. The program offers a balanced curriculum, encompassing 90 hours of classroom theory and 45 hours of practical clinical training. Students receive comprehensive training in nursing theory, hands-on laboratory practice, and real-world clinical experience to prepare them for the dynamic healthcare sector.

Certification and Proficiency

Upon completion of the CNA course, graduates will be well-prepared to obtain Illinois Certification as CNAs. They will have developed competence in a diverse range of responsibilities vital to the CNA role, including assisting with personal hygiene, mobility aid, managing nutritional and elimination needs, implementing safety measures, and maintaining a clean and sanitary environment. The program emphasizes the importance of consistent attendance, with a strict zero-absence policy to ensure students benefit fully from the hands-on training.

Focused Training

The Basic Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Program offered by Tukiendorf Training Institute is meticulously designed to empower healthcare assistants, equipping them with skills to excel in diverse healthcare settings. Graduates emerge proficient in aiding licensed nurses and executing various tasks, such as ensuring personal hygiene, assisting with mobility, addressing nutritional and elimination requirements, upholding safety protocols, and maintaining a hygienic environment. The course spans 90 hours of classroom theory complemented by 45 hours of clinical training at a nursing home.

Employer Partnerships Benefit Students

TTI has established affiliations with nursing homes and other entities, which sponsor training for their underemployed staff. These partnerships benefit both parties by extending educational opportunities to individuals who might not otherwise have access to CNA courses, and by offering scholarships through TTI, thus aiding in employment placement.

TTI emphasizes the significance of organizing activities and events to foster and enhance relationships with employers, which mutually benefit both employers and TTI students. For example, student internships provide valuable practical experience for students while enabling employers to identify and select talented individuals who are well-suited for their teams. This process can help mitigate expenses associated with training and reduce the risk of hiring unsuitable candidates.

Paying for TTI

The Tukiendorf Training Institute offers several options for financing tuition:

  1. Working through school: Encourages students to self-finance their education while studying.
  2. Easy Payment Plan: Provides a payment scheme without credit checks, allowing students to make weekly or monthly tuition payments.
  3. Grants under the Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA): Available for eligible students in the Chicago region who are unemployed, low-income, or require additional skills to re-enter the job market.
  4. Scholarships: TTI Medical Training School offers scholarships of up to $1,000 for qualified candidates.
  5. Private Loans: Students can explore private loan options for financing their education.

Impactful Education

Upon successfully completing the CNA program, students are poised not only for Illinois Certification but also for a fulfilling healthcare career. The Tukiendorf Training Institute’s reputation is underscored by its recognition and approval by the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).

To enroll in the program, prospective students should possess a high school diploma or GED, pass a background check, and complete a physical examination. Regular attendance is crucial throughout the program, with no absences permitted. Prospective students keen on embarking on a rewarding journey as Certified Nursing Assistants are encouraged to connect with the institute via 773-774-2222 or for comprehensive information and guidance.

Program InformationDetails
Program Duration90 classroom theory hours + 45 clinical hours (nursing home)
PrerequisitesHigh school diploma/GED, background check, physical examination
Class ScheduleContact program for current schedule
Approvals & AgenciesApproved by Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) and Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)
LocationThree Locations:
–5310 N. Harlem, Suite 209
–Chicago, Illinois 60656
–7667 W. 95th St. Suite 302
–Hickory Hills, Illinois 60457
–5000 W. Roosevelt Rd., Suite 100
–Chicago, IL 60644
Job Placement AssistanceCareer workshops and interview training available. TTI welcomes recruiters from local hospitals and clinics to their locations for open houses to meet and network with students.