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Passing Your CNA Exam: The Experience

Want to know more about the experience of studying for and passing the CNA exam? Tiffany Huynh can tell you everything you need to know. Watch the video above!

If you prefer to read instead of watch, here are some key take-aways from Tiffany’s experience.

  1. Don’t panic! According to Tiffany, the CNA exam is rigorous but not impossible. Study. Take deep breaths. You’ll do fine.
  2. Use the Pearson Vue Nurse Assistant Candidate Handbook to study. Make sure to have the one for your state!
  3. Memorize the skills, steps, and critical elements listed in the Candidate Handbook.
  4. Watch a lot of YouTube videos to brush up on skills you need to review.
  5. Turn in your written exam to the proctor as soon as you’re done. (This could determine the order in which you take your practical exam.)
  6. Be prepared to stay at the testing center all day. It could take several hours to complete both the written and practical sections of the exam.

All-in-all, it seems like Tiffany’s experience went pretty smoothly. She studied enough that she thought her exam was easy, she turned in her exam early, and she had a helpful proctor who made her feel at ease and guided her through the process of her practical exam.

Note that your personal experience may differ. This is just one example of one person’s experience.

If you’d like to share your experience we’d love to hear about it! Get in touch with us and we’ll chat!

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