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Medway Healthcare Institute CNA Program

Medway Healthcare Institute, situated at 3510 West 79th Street, Chicago, IL 60652, presents an all-encompassing CNA program, which they refer to as their Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program (BNATP). Classes are tailored to individuals aspiring to excel as nursing assistants. With a steadfast commitment to fostering compassion, empathy, and practical caregiving skills, the program equips students with the essential tools to deliver direct patient care across diverse healthcare settings.

Program Highlights

  • Duration: 120 Contact Hours
  • Location: 3510 West 79th Street, Chicago, IL 60652
  • Phone: (773) 778-8800
  • Fax: (773) 778-8808
  • Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30 AM to 5 PM

Training for Impactful Care

Medway Healthcare Institute’s CNA training program resonates with the values of the healthcare profession, instilling proficiency in students to become adept caregivers in settings ranging from hospitals to nursing homes. The program’s streamlined approach ensures that students can launch their healthcare careers within a condensed timeline, contributing to patients’ well-being and quality of life.

Program Goals

Beyond preparing students for roles in health/home care environments, the BNATP at Medway Healthcare Institute opens pathways to eligibility for the Illinois State Written Certification Exam for nursing assistants. The curriculum emphasizes crucial skills including addressing patient needs, aiding in daily activities, adhering to dietary specifications, recording vital signs, and collaborating with medical professionals to ensure holistic patient care.

Online Learning for Versatility

Acknowledging the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, Medway Healthcare Institute embraces a flexible hybrid learning model. By merging online learning through a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) with hands-on clinical lab experiences, students benefit from the guidance of skilled instructors, ensuring a balanced and adaptive educational journey. Medway Healthcare Institute is one of the best providers of online CNA classes in Chicago.

Accreditation and Approval

Medway Healthcare Institute boasts approval from the Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education and the Illinois Department of Public Health. While not accredited by a nationally recognized body under the US Department of Education, the institute remains unwavering in its commitment to providing comprehensive education and practical training.

For those seeking a transformative path towards becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, Medway Healthcare Institute stands as a beacon of quality education and compassionate caregiving. For inquiries and further information, prospective students can reach out at (773) 778-8800 to take a step towards healthcare excellence.

Program InformationDetails
Program Duration8 weeks, 120 Contact Hours
Class SchedulesMonday – Friday, 9:30 AM – 5 PM
PrerequisitesMinimum Age: 16
Reading Comprehension Proficiency
Physical Exam with TB Test
IL State Police Background Check
Health Insurance Proof
Certification ExamEligible for Illinois State Written Certification Exam for Nursing Assistants
Location3510 West 79th Street, Chicago, IL 60652
Phone(773) 778-8800 
Job Placement Assistance?Yes, Inquire for Details